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Tommy Ralph

Arrived; 1831
Country of origin: Australia
Area in New Zealand: Taranaki, Kahwhia, East Cape
Source: Historic Poverty Bay and the East Cape, N.I. by J.A. Mackay

Details: Tommy Ralph (Tame Rawhi or John ? Ralph), arrived on the East Coast as an agent for Captain Harris in November 1831. He didn't stay long and was next found in Taranaki working for Montefiore and Co at Mokau. He had two wives. Tommy had quite a few adventures during this time at Taranaki as the Maori tribes fought and he had to be rescued by Captain Kent whose store was on the Kawhia River. By 1836 he was back on the East Coast at Tolaga Bay as a whaler. Later, after giving that up he worked for Joseph Carroll on Hurumoa and had charge of the ferry at Wairoa. According to J. S. Polack, who met him in 1836 and wrote about him in his book 'New Zealand', he was described as ' a young man respectably connected in Sydney'.  His adventures in Taranaki were written up in the Sydney Monitor, April 1833.

Police Gazettes recorded a Thomas Ralph born 1808 at Sydney before the courts at Napier in 1877.