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Shepherd family

Arrived: 1820
Country of Origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands

James married Harriet Nelson formerly Hurrferth/Hersferth (Charles died 1819 Australia).

James Shepherd, 1796 - 1882, arrived probably on 'Hawers' Bay of Islands 1820 and not 'Dromeday' (From Sydney Gazette) (Auckland City Library Inmagic).

James Shepherd and family advertised in the Sydney Gazette on the 3rd of March 1821 that they were soon to leave the colony in the Brig Hope for New Zealand (as missionaries).

James Nelson         1822 Kerikeri        married Selina Mitchell NSW, died 1905 at Kaeo
Isaac                 1823 Kerikeri        died 1898 at Kaeo
Harriet                 1826 Rangihoua    died 1828 Rangihoua
Robert Osmond        1829 Rangihoua    married Juliet Shuttleworth NSW, no children died 1915 Kissing Point, NSW
Alfred Brown         1831 Rangihoua    married Emily Faithfull, died 1906 Waiare
Harriet Ann Isabella 1833 Te Puna        married John Thomas Arnold Hows 
Richard Hill         1835 Kerikeri         died 1861, Waitangi
Thomas Williams 1842 Waimate        married Louisa Ann Saies, died 1922 
Henry George         1844 Wangaroa      married Ellen Hooker, died 1927 buried at Waitangi

Also these children not recorded in the Anglican baptisms record.
Elizabeth Jane, born Kerikeri 1836                married John Begg, died 1913
John Goodwin, born Kerikeri 1838                married Mary Noble, died 1916 Northland

At Kissing Point  (NSW) we dined with Isaac Shepherd, a good old man, who has a son a missionary in New Zealand, and a daughter in O'Tahiti, the wife of a missionary of the name of Henry J Shepherd has resided in the colony forty-two years, and has prospered temporarily as he has grown in grace in which he exceeded most of his contemporaries.