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Samuel Egart

Arrived: 1835 (about)
Country of origin: Holland?
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga Harbour
Source: Hokianga by Jack Lee

Details: Samuel Egart (sometimes spelt Eggart, Egartt - Dutch Sam),was a boat-builder at in the Orira. His land was adjacent to Thomas Styles and Jacky Marmon. He had a bitter struggle with the new government to retain it.

Samuel Egertt, of ——, New Zealand, Claimant. 600 (six hundred) acres, more or less, situated on the east bank of the Orida River. [Boundaries not given.] Alleged to have been purchased on the 25th of April, 1839, from Taoku and E Matu. Consideration: £35 in cash. Nature of conveyance: Not stated.