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Nathaniel Bates

Arrived: 1836 
Country of origin:  Australia
Area in New Zealand: Stewart Island
Source: Family member

Nathaniel Bates was born on November 24th, 1819 in Sydney NSW. He lived mostly in Sydney with his family. In 1836 his brother-in-law, George Green, asked Nathaniel to accompany him to New Zealand. In 1838, after arriving, George Green put Nathaniel Bates in charge of the property George had purchased from the Maori on Stewart Island. Nathaniel settled in New Zealand and became very well known as a Farmer and Whaler.
In 1838 Nathaniel married Hinepu, a Maori girl, and had three children, then after she died, he was married again, to Harriet Watson and had a further eleven children. He also had a long relationship with Anne Pauley producing in all, about twenty children. Liaisons with other women are believed to have produced a total of thirty children altogether. So he would have many descendants in New Zealand and elsewhere, by now!
Nathaniel Bates died on 13th July 1887 when he accidentally fell from a bridge. The "Western Star" newspaper of July 18th 1887 reported the Inquest. His portrait is in the Riverton Museum.
For further reading on Nathaniel Bates please read "Evergreen Memories" by Margaret Webster, pub. 1989.