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John Whiteley (Rev)

Arrived: 1833
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga

Liverpool Mercury etc May 18th 1869
The Rev. John Whiteley was found lying shot with five bullets, beside his dead horse. He was last seen shortly after six o'clock on Saturday evening going towards the redoubt (White Cliffs), and was apparantly shot from behind some scrub on the roadway an hour or two afterwards. He was the oldest of the Wesleyan missionaries still in harness, having arrived in New Zealand in 1833. During the fierceness of the late wars, his life seemed safe everywhere, and the present determination of the rebels could not be more thoroughly exemplified than in murdering and stripping him of his coat and waistcoat. The generally supposed head of the small party who committed these murders was a native for whom he stood godfather when he baptised him. His name, too, was the same, Waitere being Maori for Whiteley, although I see it is also spelt Wetere, which means Wesley.  A remarkable letter has been reprinted here from the London 'Watchman' of the 2nd of December, in which Mr Whiteley says that during his 35 years sojourn in New Zealand he never felt to desponding, and then proceeds to give the native view of colonial affairs. 

John Whiteley was married to Mary Anne Cooke and had 6 children. A full biography is available

Elizabeth Anne Whiteley born 1833
Sarah Hannah Whiteley born 1834
Mary Fletcher Whiteley born 1836
John James Whiteley born 1838

Mrs John McElwain, 83 years a Colonist.
New Zealand Herald 27th November 1918
Mrs Mary Fletcher McElwain, widow of the late Mr John McElwain, and daughter of the late Rev J. Whitely died at her late residence, Dominion Rd on Friday last at the age of 83yrs. She was one of the oldest New Zealand ? residents. Her father was a Wesleyan missionary who arrived in New Zealand in 1830, and was afterwards killed by the Maoris in the White Cliffs massacre in North Taranaki in 1869. Mrs McElwain was born at Hokianga in 1835. For many years she resided at Eden Terrace and later at Waitakere. Her death was due to influenza. She is survived by three sons, two daughters and three grandchildren. A grandson lost his life fighting in France.