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Joe Robinson

Arrived: 1837
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Wellington (Port Nicholson)
Source: NZETC, Paperspast

Details: The Old Whaling Days. The Tory cast anchor at the north of Somes Island, and about half a mile from the sandy beach of Petone, but before she did so the two leading chiefs, E. Puni and Wharepouri had already come on board and expressed the greatest satisfaction at the prospect of their lands being bought for a white Settlement. At this time, in spite of the great number of Europeans in Cook Strait, only one white man—Joe Robinson—lived in Port Nicholson. He had been there for two years, and had built a boat of eight tons, with timber sawn with a handsaw, and nails made from old hoops. (Wakefield brought with him the second white man that was going to reside there, John Smith).

Manawatu Standard 2nd Dec 1885.  One interesting fact I (Mr John Howard) will mention. When we (the pioneers) landed on January 22 1840, we found Mr Smith in charge of Port Nicholson for Colonel Wakefield, who was absent in the Tory, and the only white man was Joe Robinson, who was building a small schooner at the mouth of the Waiwetu.