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James Busby Family

Arrived: 1833
Country of origin: Scotland
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: Memoirs of the Life and Gospel Labours of the Late Daniel Wheeler:

Dec. 2nd. I. James Busby, the British resident, very kindly supplied our wants from the margin of his estate which is washed by the sea. 2. He is the only person legally authorized to act for the British government here; but as he is wholly destitute of power, instead of being recognized as Councul, he is styled the British resident; as such, a visit was due to him, as well as on account of his being our countryman. We were kindly received, and remained several hours under his roof, before he would permit us to leave him. His wife and children are now on a visit to Sydney. 3. Spent the forenoon on board, and the afternoon at James Busby's with Charles Baker and three others of the missionary establishment. James Busby is an amiable man, upright in all his dealings with the people and decidedly desirous of promoting in others that which he conceives to be the duty of man.

Was present at Kororareka, Bay of Islands when Governor Hobson addressed some of the residents 4th February 1840.