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Hobbs family

John and Jane Hobbs nee Boggref

Arrived: 1823
Country of origin: New Zealand
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Wellington
Source: Paperspast
NZETC; Cyclopedia of NZ

John Hobbs; 1800-1883 by T M I Williment

Details: Star, 30th June 1883. The Rev Mr Hobbs, whose death at the age of 85 years, occurred on June 23, arrived in the colony in 1823 and was a contemporary of the celebrated Samuel Marsden and Nathaniel Turner, the founders of the Church of England and Wesleyan Missions in New Zealand. The scene of his early labours was Hokianga, where he ministered to large congregations of Maoris. He also carried on the work of evangelisation in Tonga. The last twenty-five years of his life were spend in retirement in Auckland, an incurable deafness having necessitated his relinquishing active work. Mr Hobbs was a fluent speaker in Maori as well as English and possessed considerable musical and mechanical talents. The excellence of his character caused him to be esteemed alike by Europeans and Maoris and his death, after a sojourn of 60 years in New Zealand, has occasioned a wide-spread feeling of regret.

John Hobbs, at the time a mechanic to the NZ mission of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, came to NZ in 1823. He first was stationed at Wesleydale. Whangaroa, where he worked with James Stack, Luke Wade, James Shepherd, Samuel and Catherine Leigh, and Nathaniel and Ann Turner.
In January 1827 Hobbs went to Sydney, where he was later joined by Jane Boggref, whom he married on 14 August 1827 at St Philip's Church, Sydney.
On 20 October 1827 the couple returned to New Zealand, to the Hokianga, where land at Mangungu was purchased and a mission station began to be erected.

Daughter Emma Kirk's obituary reads: Northern Advocate, 18 August 1906, Mrs Emma Kirk, wife of the Rev. William Kirk, of Petone, the oldest Wesleyan Minister (retired) in New Zealand, died at Petone yesterday at the age of 78. Deceased was a daughter of the Rev. John Hobbs (who came to the colony in 1823), and was born at the mission station, Bay of Islands, in 1828. She was the eldest child of John and Jane Hobbs.

Other children were; 
Marianne Hobbs born 1830 at the Bay of Islands
Margaretta Hobbs born 19 November 1831 at Kerikeri, Bay of Islands
Richard Hobbs born 1832 at Mangungu?
Phebe Hobbs born June 1835 in Tonga
George Hobbs born 1837 in Tonga, died aged 9 months 18 March 1838 Hokianga.
Edward Gyles Hobbs born December 1839 at Pakanae, Hokianga
Eliza Hobbs born 1843 at Mangungu
William Hobbs born 1845 at Mangungu
baby born & died 1847