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Arthur Elmslie

Arrived: 1834
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Queen Charlotte Sound 
Source: NZETC 

Details: Colonel Wakefield and Dieffenbach spent a large portion of their time ashore, or visiting the various portions of the Sound and gaining what information they could from the Maoris, with the result that they early decided that Queen Charlotte Sound, magnificent as were its shipping facilities, was not suited for the site of the new settlement. On 29th August 1839, Wakefield, prevented from going himself, sent Mr. Doddrey. the storekeeper, through to Te Awaiti, and the following day that officer returned with Williams, the carpenter of the settlement, and Arthur Elmslie, who lived at Te Awaiti. whaling during the season, and for the rest of the year was, and had been for five years, a resident of Cannibal Cove. It was a strange coincidence that Colonel Wakefield had in his possession a letter from Elmslie's father, addressed to the son, suggesting to him to accept employment in the Company's service.  Aided by these two whalers, the Tory, now thoroughly provisioned with pork and potatoes, was got under weigh, and set sail for Te Awaiti, on Saturday, 31st August.