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American Civil War 1861-65

Several men from New Zealand served in the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. Most of them were born in New Zealand prior to 1840 and were of mixed race, as American records classify them as Mulatto or Copper complexion.
Charles Lyman was 25, born in New Zealand, of copper complexion, 5' 6", when he enlisted at New Bedford in 1864, in the Union Navy, as a landsman.
John Morris was 26, complexion black, height 5' 5", born in New Zealand, when he enlisted in Boston in 1864 as a seaman and served on the Cayuga in 1865.
Joshua M Addeman was born in the Bay of Islands, and served in the 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery. He was an ex- Captain.
Thomas Brown- USS Augusta, and Thomas Dowd- USS Augusta were both born in New Zealand.
James A Fossett was born in Auckland, and served in 1859 in San Francisco. He was an ex- US Regular.
William Murray- ex 10th Connecticut Regiment, Robert Spicer- ex- landsman USS Sabine and John Williams(on)- 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, also US Navy- USS State of Georgia, USS Dictator were also born in New Zealand