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Yeong-Joo Han


Past President and Board Member
Korean Environmental Planning Studies Institute

Professional Biography

Dr. Yeong-Joo Hahn is an expert in the fields of urban and regional planning as well as urban management. With a Ph.D. from Syracuse University, Dr. Hahn has been a chief architect of national land planning in Korea. He is a Senior Advisor to the Board and immediate past President of the Pacific Rim Council of Urban Development (PRCUD). Dr. Hahn held primary responsibility for Seoul Metropolitan Government’s urban planning preparations for the 2002 World Cup. He has also served as principal organizer for two past PRCUD events: in Seoul in 1996 and in Jeonju, Korea in 2005. He was the founding President of the Jeonbuk Development Institute in North Jeolla Province, Korea, and is currently Director of the Northeast Asian Cities Research Center at the Seoul Development Institute. Dr. Hahn is a member of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development and the Seoul Deliberative Committee for Foreign Investment.