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Thomas Zearley

Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development

Consultant to the World Bank

Professional Biography

Mr. Zearley has served as PRCUD President since 2010.  He has extensive experience in international development banking, project management, urban development, and municipal finance.  Since retiring from the World Bank, he has been working as consultant and advisor to several regions of the Bank including Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean, and Middle East and North Africa.  He has also designed and delivered executive and staff training programs for the World Bank and other international organizations.  While at the World Bank (from 1982 to 2008) his areas of expertise included urban management, city development strategies, municipal utilities services, low-income housing, and housing finance.  He worked extensively in Latin America and then in East Asia, including a five year stint (2002 – 2007) in the Bank’s Beijing office overseeing the urban and water sector program for China, the Bank’s largest of its kind with over $3 billion of loan commitments.  During that period, he was also project leader for large urban environment projects in the Pearl River Delta and Chongqing municipality.   While working in Thailand (1998-2000), he helped design an innovative social development project which supported local governments in creating urgently needed employment and assessing financing for critical investments.  Mr. Zearley has also worked in other East Asian countries including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.