The Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development (PRCUD) is an internationally-oriented, non-profit mutual benefit organization (NGO) incorporated in the State of California, USA. PRCUD's core members and affiliated professional network comprise leading academics and practitioners in urban development who share an interest in working with colleagues from around the world to address contemporary urban development concerns in cities throughout the Pacific Rim region.  The focal point for this interest is the PRCUD Roundtable Forum, hosted on a rotating basis by cities within the region that welcome the opportunity to provide a venue for this unique shared learning experience.

Mission and History

The inaugural conference of PRCUD was held in Los Angeles in August 1989.  Then-Mayor Tom Bradley gave the inaugural address, and the organization was formally incorporated at that time.  Since its founding over twenty years ago, PRCUD has adhered to its goal of knowledge sharing to encourage excellence in urban development, and to improve the economic performance and sustainability of cities.  

Beginning in 1998, PRCUD introduced its highly distinctive and successful Roundtable Forum format.  Held on average about once per year, these forums bring together international experts and local representatives to engage in dialogue about the development constraints and opportunities of the host city. Forums are strongly geared to coming up with implementable actions.

Past Events

Following the inaugural event in Los Angeles in 1989, PRCUD held conferences in Hong Kong (1990), Vancouver (1991), Tokyo (1992), San Francisco (1993), Taipei (1994), Brisbane (1995), Seoul (1996) and Singapore (1997).

Beginning in 1998 in Kaohsiung, PRCUD introduced its now-trademark Roundtable Forum format.  Subsequent forums have been held in Long Beach (1999), Chiba Prefecture (2000), Malacca (2001), Palembang (2002), Nanjing (2004), Jeonju (2005), Jakarta (2007), Siem Reap (2008), Foshan (2009), Ho Chi Minh City (2010) and Palembang (2011).