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The 2013 PRCUD Roundtable Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand during March 10th through 13th.  Please click on the "Bangkok, Thailand" link to the upper right hand corner under "Past Forum" to get more information.




Message from PRCUD President: Mr. Thomas L. Zearley


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

 On behalf of the Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development, I am very pleased to announce that we were invited by the National Housing Authority (NHA) of Thailand to help organize the 2013 Roundtable Forum in Bangkok, Thailand.  NHA is Thailand’s core public agency responsible for low and middle-income housing development.  NHA has played a prominent role not only in promoting affordable housing in Thailand but also expanding research and innovation to tackle the country’s urban development challenges.  The theme of the 2013 PRCUD forum was “New Paradigms of Housing and Urban Development for Thailand”.   There were five key topics discussed during the forum and they included: resilience from flooding and impacts of climate change; housing finance and affordability; metropolitan land use and infrastructure planning; transit-oriented development; and public-private partnerships.  The PRCUD Forum was held during March 10-13, 2013 and helped to celebrate NHA’s 40th anniversary as a public institution.  Thai officials from government, business and academia, and along with other local experts joined the PRCUD experts in the roundtable discussions.

As you may know, PRCUD is a unique organization, founded in 1989, with a long track record of success.  We are a non-government, not-for-profit organization which offers advisory and knowledge sharing services to cities and other entities in the Asia-Pacific region on a wide variety of urban planning and policy issues.  We are a global network of urban practitioners, policy makers, academicians, and business people, who offer to share our knowledge and expertise with others on a reciprocal basis.  We act at the invitation of a host institution to organize and deliver a highly professional three-day Roundtable Forum which brings together international and local experts to propose solutions to specific problems facing the host entity.  Our specific contributions include lively roundtable discussions, and verbal and written reports, geared towards improving national and local decision making in urban areas.

It is in the spirit of mutual respect and good will that make these forums so successful.  Those of you who have participated in past PRCUD roundtable discussions are especially encouraged to scout out additional venues for possible future events, and we also welcome creative and mutually rewarding partnerships with other cities and organizations.  In the recent past, we have held highly successful forums in Yeosu (Korea), Palembang (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Foshan (China),  Siem Reap (Cambodia), and Jakarta (Indonesia), to name a few. 

I trust that you will find our website to be both interesting and informative.  Thank you. 

Thomas Zearley, President,
Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development


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