Upcoming Roundtable Forum:

Foshan, China November, 2009

PRCUD can help build the partnerships cities need to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Roundtables: Roundtable Forums can help bring together the expertise cities need on a wide range of development topics, leading to the formulation of implementable urban strategies.
  • Advisory Services: PRCUD members can provide cities with the advice they need, or act as brokers to help cities bring in the needed human resources.
  • Publicity: PRCUD can help cities publicize their special events and attract investment, through its own well-connected network and website, and its access to a wide variety of international organizations.
The PRCUD Forum should focus on a priority development challenge for the host city, as identified by the host organization, and agreed with PRCUD. Recent Forums have focused on the strategic planning of large-scale infrastructure projects, urban heritage, local economic development strategies, tourism development and city marketing, to name a few topics.

PRCUD Roundtable Forums have been held on the following topics:

  • repositioning cities; 
  • opportunities in globalization; 
  • sustainable development, 
  • planning for change; 
  • information technology; 
  • business development; 
  • and sustainable tourism development.

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