PRCUD Roundtable Forums

Upcoming Roundtable Forum:

Foshan, China November, 2009

A PRCUD Roundtable Forum is high-level public forum for a dialogue between local and international experts focusing on a critical urban development topic in the host city.


World class experts from around the Pacific Rim and beyond bring their knowledge and experience to bear on a specific urban development challenge facing the host city.In addition, they will help to disseminate knowledge about the host city to the rest of the world.

Unique Format

The PRCUD Forum focuses on dialogue among local and international experts, and strongly discourages formal presentations or lectures.The presumption is that all those seated at the round table are well prepared and have something useful to contribute, and so a skillfully managed conversation around well-designed topics is the main format.It is therefore essential to have background materials prepared beforehand and circulated to the participants well in advance.The roundtable sessions are supplemented by field visits to sites within the host city that provide a set of commonly held case studies.


The dates of a Forum should be agreed jointly between the host organization and PRCUD. A minimum of six months is recommended from the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to the opening of the event, to allow for detailed planning and preparation of background materials.


A PRCUD Roundtable Forum should be held in an international five-star hotel with conference facilities, and within easy access to basic urban amenities and to the main geographical area that is the focus of the Forum, where applicable.


There are several levels of participants.At the core are the international and local experts who comprise the Roundtable. Participation in the Roundtable is by invitation only.Typically, there are between 12 to 20 international experts and at least that many local experts.In addition to this, the Roundtable Forum is open to an audience of local academics, practitioners, and students who are interested in attending the Forum, but who are not seated at the Roundtable.The audience may number as many as 100 to 200 hundred participants, depending upon local arrangements.PRCUD strongly encourages the active participation of local participants, so that the benefits from the Forum may be disseminated widely.


The main output of the Forum depends on the needs of the host city and host organization.In past Forums, host organizations have asked PRCUD experts and Forum participants to provide their multi-disciplinary professional insights and comments on concrete urban development plans; suggest mechanisms for the implementation of plans; or discuss selected urban development topics in a mixed academic and professional setting. 

Additional Activities

PRCUD prepares a report following each Forum.These reports are made available through the PRCUD website and disseminated widely to interested parties.The Forum itself provides a venue where local government officials and local experts are able to significantly enhance and expand their network of international contacts, and this may lead to any number of follow-up activities, including the possibility of training programs tailored to an action plan, or to other issues and lessons arising from the Forum.