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Upcoming Roundtable Forum:

Foshan, China  November, 2009


Yeong-Joo Hahn, President, Jeonbuk Development Institute (Jeonju)

Executive Secretary

Eric Heikkila, Professor, School of Policy, Planning, and Development, University of Southern California (Los Angeles)

Treasurer and Past President

Terence Byrnes, President and Principal, Byrnes and Associates (Sydney)


Edward Blakely, Chair of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Sydney (Sydney)

Kun Chen, Under-Secretary General, Chinese Society for Sustainable Development (Beijing)

Xiaojian Chen, Vice General Secretary, Institute of Urban Science of Nanjing (Nanjing)

David Dowall, Professor and Director, Institute for Urban and Regional Development (Berkeley)

Etienne Clement, Chief de Bureau, UNESCO (Phnom Penh)

Mats Edstrom, Professor, Architectural Conservation and Restoration, Lund University (Sweden)

Cor Dijkgraaf, Immediate Past PRCUD President and Principal, Urban Solutions (Rotterdam)

Jianqing He, General Secretary , Special Commission on Human Settlement, Chinese Society for Sustainable Development (Beijing)

Xiaochen Meng, Associate Professor, College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University (Beijing)

Ron Van Oers, Coordinator, World Heritage Cities Programme, UNESCO (Paris)

Yukio Oguri, Professor, Chiba University of Commerce (Tokyo)

Paul Rabé, Urban Development Consultant, Urban Solutions (Phnom Penh)

Narelle Sonter, Managing Director, Botanica Landscape (Sydney)

Robert Stimson, Professor and Director, Center for Research into 
Sustainable and Urban Regional Features, University of Queensland (Brisbane)

Koichi Sunada, Professor and Coordinator, Technology Transfer, Kyushu University (Fukuoka)

Belinda Yuen, Associate Professor, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Chuan Feng Wang, Founder of PRCUD and Chairman, Interpacific Venture Group (Taipei)

Kit Weddle, Secretary-General, Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy (London)