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The Divine Office

The Divine Office
(aka The Liturgy of the Hours) has been prayed for the Church's entire existence, and its tradition and its content--inspired by God himself--has been handed down throughout the centuries. Contained within the office are many Psalms that were recited regularly by our Lord in addition to other very powerful and beautiful prayers of the Church. Together with the Mass, the Office constitutes the public prayer life of the Church, and of all the prayers of the Church, next to the holy sacrifice of the Mass, the Divine Office gives the greatest glory to God. If the Church's liturgy is the sun, the Divine Office are the rays that surround it.

While Church buildings sanctify space, the Divine Office sanctifies time. Through praying the Office, the Church answers Christ's request to pray always (Luke 18:1) in the most clearest of ways by offering the same prayers united in Christ at all times throughout the entire world.

Christ's command to pray always applies not only just to priests and religious but to all, including lay people!

Here is a link to an amazing site that has sorted through all the prayers for you for each day so there is no flipping through pages required!
Once you're on that site, just scroll down and click on the prayer you wish to pray by name depending on the time of day in which it would be typically prayed. If you are new to praying the Office, a great way to start out is by praying Compline (before bed) and/or Lauds (in the morning).

 Latin Name
 Time (approx)
 Morning  Lauds 6:00 am
 Before Noon
 Terce 9:00 am
 Sext 12:00 pm
 Afternoon None 3:00 pm
 Evening Vespers 6:00 pm
 Night Compline Before Sleep
 Office of Readings

Below are some links for how to Pray the Divine Office:

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