Prayers In Action was created out a desire to gather Christians for a time of prayer in response to racial tensions and protests taking place on campuses for higher education across the nation. As time has progressed, the greater purpose of this movement is to gather Christians to unify through prayer (and fasting) to see real transformation on a local and national scale within the lived experiences of black Americans. Black Americans are not the only oppressed people group in America, and even all blacks do not suffer the same; however, we believe blacks have endured a uniquely targeted maltreatment and therefore deserve a concerted effort of spiritual advocacy to redeem the 'souls of black folks.' While there are many calls to action, we believe prayer is the action we must take. It is indeed the work of the movement.

**Prayer does not fit us for the greater works; prayer is the greater works.** - Oswald Chambers

I would like you to consider engaging the movement by joining us weekly on Thursday mornings at 6am EST for an hour of prayer. The purpose of this call is to connect the body of Christ on one accord to begin (or continue) praying for individuals, families, institutions, and the injustices present across this nation that have historically (and presently) disadvantaged black people. If you cannot join the call at the designated time, we will post the prayer points earlier in the week for you to gather with other believers locally and go before the Lord (see "Weekly Prayer Points" page). We believe the Church should be on the forefront of advocating for justice and conciliation among people of differing racial/ethnic groups. Further, while we cannot labor in-person together we want to pray consistently and collectively for God's Spirit to lead our action. Please join us as we move through prayer, because in God’s Word it is clear to see that prayer matters.