2. Rob's story

UPDATE 5/10:  Rob is making a remarkable (one would even say miraculous) recovery!  Day by day he shows so much improvement and continues to work hard with his therapists and has just an amazing family and wonderful friends that he gets so much support from.  Way to go Rob!
Rob lived in South Florida for many years and moved to Palm City about 5 years ago. He went to visit his family in NC for the holidays with his 17 year old son, Nick and his wife, Karen.  On December 26th Rob was outside with his son and was trying out a Ripstick skateboard.  Rob fell and sustained severe head injuries and is in a coma.  Rob is an absolutely amazing guy with a heart as big as they come.  He's like no other, and when news spread of his accident in less than a week he had over 2000 people join his Face Book page; PLEASE PRAY FOR ROB GANGI, his friend base continues to soar as he is almost at the 6000 range! So please keep those prayers coming and if you are able to, visit the donations page.... Thank you and keep praying!

Just one last little note... When I asked Karen how we could help and told her that some of her friends wanted to set up this site for donations.... At first she was reluctant asking that I not bother people to help her out but only that I please ask people to make sure that their loved ones always have and WEAR properly fitting helmets.  Is this woman something else or what?!? In the midst of this tragic situation she still is thinking of others!  So here you go Karen, we LOVE you!