It has been my pleasure to work with the following UMKC students.
PhD Alumni
  •  Vasil Slavov (PhD, May 2015)
    • Dissertation title: A New Approach for Fast Processing of SPARQL Queries on RDF Quadruples, currently employed by Bloomberg, NY
  • Oswaldo Cuen Tellez (PhD, June 2016)
    • Dissertation title: A Model for Signal Data Management and Processing
    • Primary advisor: Prof. Ines F. Vega Lopez (Autonomous Univ. of Sinaloa, Culiacan, Mexico)


MS Alumni
    2016 - present
    • Vinutha Nuchimaniyanda (MS thesis, May 2016)
      • Thesis title: Enabling Large-scale Storage and Retrieval of Whole Slide Images: A Big Data Approach
      • Currently employed by Cerner Corporation
    • Hastimal Jangid (MS thesis, August 2016)
      • Thesis title: Parallel SPARQL Query Execution Using Apache Spark
      • Currently employed by Webbmason, Baltimore, MD
    • Venubabu Kolla (MS thesis, December 2016)
      • Thesis title: Improving the Performance of Parallel SPARQL Query Processing on Apache Spark Using Bloom Filters
      • First employment: Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO
    • Samaa Gazzaz (MS thesis, August 2017)
      • Thesis title: A Data Science Approach to Extracting Insights About Cities and Zones Using Open Government Data
      • First employment: Instructor, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
      2013 - 2015
      •    Vasil Slavov (MS thesis, August 2012) 
        • Thesis title: A Study of Gossip Algorithms for Internet-Scale Cardinality Estimation of Distributed XML Data
      •    Srivenu Paturi (MS thesis, August 2013)
        • Thesis title: A New Filtering Index for Fast Processing of SPARQL Queries, currently employed by Groupon, New York
      •    Dinesh Barenkala (MS thesis, August 2013)
        • Thesis title: A Study of Graph Partitioning Techniques for Fast Indexing and Query Processing of a Large RDF Graph, currently employed by DST Systems, Kansas City
      •    Anas Katib (MS thesis, December 2013)
        • Thesis title: A Novel Cell Phone Based Application for Tracking the Vaccination Coverage in Rural Communities, currently enrolled in the PhD program
      •    Li Wang (MS thesis, December 2014)
        • Thesis title: Classification of Clinical Tweets using Apache Mahoutcurrently employed by Cerner Corporation

                        2007 - 2012
      •     Shambavi Varagurmuralidharan (MS thesis, August 2008) 
        • Thesis title: Dynamic graph mining
      •    Ayush Chaturvedi (MS thesis, April 2009) 
        • Thesis title: Automatic Paper-to-Reviewer Assignment (co-advised with Prof. E.K. Park), currently employed by NewsMax Media, Florida
      •    Bhavik Shah (MS thesis, December 2009) 
        • Thesis title: Parallel XML parsing, currently employed by Crunchy Roll, CA
      •    Tivakar Komara Swami (MS thesis, December 2011) 
        • Thesis title: Distributed Querying of Clinical Documents Modeled Using HL7 v3 Standard, currently employed by GE Software, CA
      •    Dipali Pal (MS, May 2012), currently employed by NAIC, Kansas City
      BS Alumni (research projects)
      • Grant Smith (2012) (first employment: IBM)
      • Andrew Blackton (2012) (employment: Perceptive Software)
      • Sean Blaes (2012) (employment: Google)
      • Victoria Wu (2013, 2014)
        • Joined Worcester Polytechnic Institute for MS
      • Drew Shoemaker (2015) (employment: Red Nova Labs)