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Problem Installing DragonFly in VirtualBox ?

How To setup FTP Server on DragonFly BSD 

The information about setting up the FTP server is being ported to DragonFly site, thanks to Aviral Dasgupta as a part of Google Code-In.

The FTP server configuration on Linux or other BSD systems is not a big task. If we can do it on DragonFly then we can do it on other Unix based systems also. The most important are the concepts everything else is generalization. The difference is among the configuration files i.e. they may be named differently or may be found in different location, etc. You can checkout the difference while configuring TFTP server on Ubuntu and Fedora. Following is the small example to prove my stand :)

Starting standalone FTP on various BSD Flavors (for clear understanding read the setup material) - 

Freebsd /DragonFly
edit /etc/rc.conf:
you can specify the options by

edit /etc/rc.conf:
you can specify the options by

edit /etc/rc.conf:

How To setup SAMBA Server on DragonFly BSD
This task has been added into Google Code-In 2010 and I am mentoring it. The work has been expanded to include SAMBA on Hammer file system also. Hoping an enthusiast to come forward and completes the task.

Git and DragonFly for beginners
Few details about the typical Git usage are added on DragonFly main site but their is need to expatiate this one.

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