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What is DragonFly?

DragonFly belongs to the same class of operating systems as other BSD-derived systems and Linux. It is based on the same UNIX ideals and APIs and shares ancestor code with other BSD operating systems. DragonFly provides an opportunity for the BSD base to grow in an entirely different direction from the one taken in the FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD series. Cutting it shortly, DragonFly community is a whole new world of innovations and thoughts
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Flying with DragonFly -

Here is something about my flight with DragonFly BSD. It started with GSOC 2010 (though not selected - we are not here to code for cotton), my journey to the DragonFly mountain is still going on. I finished a project named Proportional RSS. You can have a detail look here.

Worked as mentor for Google Code-In 2010 on behalf of DragonFly. Looking forward to mentor GSOC 2011. Partly ported Virtio network drivers from NetBSD and the work will be continued by a student participating in GSOC 2011. This project was a collaborative work (Tim Bisson and myself).  The porting of Virtio network driver from FreeBSD was given up due to the Licensing issues.

For those interested and eager to deal with interesting stuff, bunch of project ideas are posted on the DragonFly's Projects Page [ believe me it works :) ].


Whats More?

I will be posting various How-To's and other related stuff for the upcoming in developers, engineers and coders.

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