Pratyush Kshirsagar


This is not the " about me " you've come around on various site, blogs, etc. I would give you a small narration rather than simply writing about my likes and dislikes.

I'm a computer science student at Binghamton University. I am very much interested in open source projects and development.  I joined Videon Central in January 2011 as a software engineer. Whenever free, I still work on the DragonFly BSD project.  My roots can be found in a small town named Nandurbar located in the state of Maharashtra, India. I would like people (mostly students) to get consumed in the karmic reactions without getting confused with the bewildering jumble of action, inaction and no action. I think contemplating/meditating on the intellect is the best way to achieve wisdom. Living the life like a warrior/yogi is what I want. Our time is too precious, so I would like to end it here.

Thank you for reading and being patient.
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