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About The Blog.

This blog intends to impart the knowledge in the field of the 80x86 assembly language. It extensively covers the 16 bit DOS programming. The material is ideal for beginners or intermediates. The motto is to reveal the deep hidden insights of the low level programming.The topics covered include the fundamentals of the x86 processor architecture itself as well as the more advance topics like the color graphics, File Handling, I/O disk operations.

The material is presented in a lucid manner.No prior Knowledge of the programming is expected for fundamental topics; although some programming experience in the higher level languages, such as C/C++, Pascal or Basic is recommended. This tutorial deals with many important fundamental topics. All the coding is illustrated considering Real Mode to make things easier.


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Primitiveasm is the © copyright 2004 - 2007, Pratik M Tambe protected by Standard Licensing. No part of the Primitiveasm may be decompiled, or edited, in any form either mechanical or electrical or electronic or any other possible means,without the prior written permission.
The material presented here may NOT be made part of a product for which a fee is charged without the author's permission.

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