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Dr. Pratap S. Malik
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Now What Next

posted Oct 8, 2013, 7:06 AM by Pratap S. Malik   [ updated Oct 26, 2019, 11:37 PM ]

Now What Next




Everything keeps changing. After one stage the second one comes on. Those who take birth their next stage is to grow old. Those who grow their next stage, is to learn fighting against others. Those who had learnt fighting against others their next, is to survive over others. Everyone one keeps preparing for this ‘next’ in their cycle.

Has anyone been able to reach this next? We have no answer. Has anyone been able to know this next? We have no answer. Has anyone been able to understand this next? We have no answer. Has anyone ever met anyone else who could attain this next? We have no answer. Can this next be ever attained? We have no answer?

You know nothing about this next? But still you are busy for this next.


Is it only a rat race or some discretion by the intellectual Humans?

Had it been a wise move under the wisdom of the Great Humans it would have taken the mankind to some destination, by this time. The Human Race has already been running this race of next for last several thousands of years. But the spiral motion of the whole Human Race proves that something is wrong somewhere.


That WHAT is the NEXT.

What not to write

posted Oct 8, 2013, 3:03 AM by Pratap S. Malik   [ updated Oct 8, 2013, 3:03 AM ]

What not to write


Not to write of sadness as it will disclose truth to those happy ones.


Not to write about happiness as it will free their aspirations

Not to write of love as it will raise the passions of my brain.

Not to write of brain as it will open the chains on softness

Not to write of softness as it will offend against the mutual interests.

Not to write of your secrets as it will sin against faith in God.

Not to write of God as it will challenge your ego.

Yes there is nothing in the Ego to write about.
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What to Write

posted Oct 8, 2013, 3:00 AM by Pratap S. Malik   [ updated Oct 8, 2013, 3:00 AM ]

What to Write



This is really difficult to decide as to what should be written these days. The whole environment is charged. It is charged with emotions, with merchandises, with forces of market, with the demand of justice, with opinions about the reality shows, with views and commentaries on cricket and cricketers, with Netas and their money making, with Babas and their blunders. One other charging pole Media particularly the electronic media is also contributing towards charging the atmosphere. 

Where will this charge go? People feel that something should be done. EM (The Electronic Media) has assumed the duty of guiding them on this point. They are telling people to go the rallies; they are telling people to join marches; they are telling people to watch their channels to increase their TRP. One case was registered showing the channels are not interested in increasing their TRP only but their treasuries also. Deals are forced to be made by the other parties otherwise their secrets will be telecast publicly and that telecast will increase the TRP. One retired media person told that some of new media personalities are working in a hi-tech style of what some ancestors used to do in Chambal. He called them ‘Gangs of Gennext Chambal’.

On the other hand Babas are arrested on the ground that someone has alleged rape against them. Baba’s son is also being tracked for the same offence. People went their for peace and got something else.

Netas are also being tried and found guilty. Public elected their kings and the kings are alleged to have eaten what it was for the public’s cattle to eat. Incomprehensible.

Things are clear. The vision is fizzy. Sometimes darkness descends all around. Next moment some light is visible. We unleash our hopes to have shelter there. But before it happens that light is alleged to have been arrested on the allegation of it being a copycat of star.
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Cognitive Dissonance

posted Oct 6, 2013, 12:23 PM by Pratap S. Malik   [ updated Oct 9, 2013, 2:11 AM ]

Cognitive Dissonance

People start learning right from their childhood. They form concepts and then arrange those concepts, then store those concepts and then when called upon by the circumstances use those concepts. This processing of information and concepts is called cognition in Psychology. Such people who can make so many users of the Cognitive information and the concepts of cognition are called learned ones when they cross a minimum level of storage of such Cognitive informations.

When a child is born he has no concepts. Experience of The child which increases with his age teaches him more and more. At the time of birth the child has no name, religion or other particulars. After his birth all this adjectives are given to him. He is given a name. He is told about his religion. He is told about his parentage and other adjectives. All this information is injected into him as if this was an integral part of his existence.

A person hardly has an occasion to think if he were the same person without his name or parentage or religion etc. He is imbibed with a belief that all this information about him was an inseparable part of his personality.

As he grows he is given education. He is taught about the theories given by some predecessors. He is repeatedly told about and is made to believe in the sanctity of the theories. He is taught about the infallibility of the theories. In the same way, as he used to identify himself with the concepts of his name, parentage and religion etc. now he starts to identify himself with these theories. People feel proud in calling themselves democrat, pragmatic, revolutionary, extremist, communists and so on so forth. People have identified themselves with theories.

After theories people further go on adding to their acquired characteristics. They now start identifying them with values. They feel proud in such identification. They call themselves as honest, gallant, clever, beautiful, sharp and no one knows what more. People are conceited with their these acquired identities.

In the childhood a common story is usually recited. Several seekers went to a Guru to learn music. The Guru asked the first seeker his earlier qualifications. The seeker told that he knows nothing about music. The Guru told him that it would take him 6 months to learn music. The second seeker was a bit acquainted with the rules of music. And Guru told him that it would take him more than a year to learn music. The third seeker told that he had already earned degrees in music and knows a number of scriptures about music. The Guru asked him that it would take him for about 10 years to learn music. On being asked the Guru explained that the learning period of all three is the same i.e. 6 months, the remaining time will be used to cleanse the garbage they had accumulated in the name of knowledge. It is always easy to write on a clean slate then to write on a dirty slate. For a dirty slate is to be cleaned first and then it can be used for writing. If the slate of mind is dirty then it takes quite a long time to make it clean because the concepts are engraved on the surface of mind. They are not simply written with cleanable chalk.
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Cognitive Dissonance

posted Oct 6, 2013, 12:11 PM by Pratap S. Malik   [ updated Oct 6, 2013, 12:18 PM ]

Yoga Misunderstood so far …

posted Oct 6, 2013, 12:03 PM by Pratap S. Malik   [ updated Oct 6, 2013, 12:03 PM ]

Yoga Misunderstood so far …

Yoga is the only methodology available with the humanity which has anatomized the human existence without opening a human body. It is the oldest and the deepest psychology of the human existence. It is unlike the present day psychology which studies only the mind of the subjects. Yoga is not constrained to the personality, mind or any aspect of mind of people; rather it gives a complete description of the whole existence of the humanity, its mental fabric and a methodology to transcend it.

Yoga in itself has been a diverse field. In Indian philosophy many a schools attach themselves to Yoga. Ashtangik Yoga, Gyan Yoga,   Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Tantra Yoga are a few schools attached to Yoga. This article constrains itself to the Ashtangik Yoga only. In this article term Yoga will refer to the Ashtangik Yoga as propounded by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra.

Whatever practical about a human being can be said about his physic, psyche, mind and Chetna (in English no better word than awareness is available for this) is there in Yoga Sutra. Yoga Sutra starts with the proposition that the mind’s expositions (Vritti) are attracted to the worldly objects (Vishayas) and by confining mind’s expositions from being attracted to the worldly objects a seeker can realize his existence and hence liberate himself from this world’s afflictions.

The difference in the approaches of the Indian Yoga and the modern psychology is because of the differences of visions of the two schools. The modern psychology begins with the hypothesis that the Psychology is the science of the mind; that the human mind is the most complex machine on Earth; that it is the source of all thoughts and behaviour. The modern psychology believes that there is a mind and it has to be in consonance with some prototype mind. The modern psychology believes that the mind can be and usually is sick; its sickness can be cured. The real minds have tendencies. These tendencies of a real mind can be molded. A mind can be trained and can be taken to some sort of proximity of that prototype mind.

Yoga views the mind differently. For it a mind can not be infected by sickness but it is a sickness in itself. It cannot be cured because it has this form of sickness as an essence for the physical existence. Physical existence is not possible without the mind. Yoga does not speak of ‘a mind’ rather its subject matter is ‘the mind’. Modern psychology studies, treats and cures an individual mind while Yoga is for the generality of mind. Psychology is particular in approach and it discovers generality from particularity. In Yoga the mind in general is explained and a particularity approached from the generality.

For Yoga the mind is an obstacle in the path of self realization. This obstacle of mind is very much intrinsic and an essential ingredient of the creation (the Srishti). To attain your absolute state you have to transcend the mind. Yoga does not prefer wasting its time in curing a sick mind to make it healthy. There is nothing like a healthy mind in Yoga’s vision.
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Your Existence is a risk to Society I

posted Oct 6, 2013, 12:00 PM by Pratap S. Malik   [ updated Oct 6, 2013, 12:00 PM ]

Your Existence is a risk to Society I

The message in this article is new. It may startle a few readers. If it is so you repeat reading this article and do so by the time this entire vision is clear on you. Thereafter it is upon you to choose it or reject it.

In a society you are always asked to breed up good thoughts. You are given books to read and follow so that your thoughts become “Good”. This is a misconception. Thoughts are never good or bad. This misconception arises out of a psychological habit. The society or sometime the religion also tries to implant on you such misconceptions. They intoxicate you with their doctrines in the form of thoughts. 

They cleanse opposite thoughts from your mind and impart those thoughts there which are suitable to them. You are never given a freedom for your choice of selection.

People are not being given a chance to be what they really are. They are made everything else than what they were born and their originality is killed designedly. It is killed with the objective to maintain and promote homogeneity in the society. 

Heterogeneity is termed something as unwanted. It is done so for a smooth functioning of the society. Society which has reduced the entire human race into the products of the same type; same type - allured to the pieces of bread, scared of risks, tempted by conveniences.

 Despite all these constraints and designs some people get the glimpse of their originality. Zoroaster, Lord Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Guru Nanak are a few amidst those ones. They were originals. They were not the duplicates of even each other. Each of them sang a song of life which the humanity had never heard before. The humanity was blessed in their vicinity.
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