Hi, welcome to my webpage!

I am an Assistant Professor at School of Computing and Electrical Engineering (SCEE), IIT Mandi. My research interest includes Algorithms in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Among other things, currently, I am focusing on developing "extremely simple", practical approximation algorithms, with provable guarantees, for the problems related to clustering, similarity search, coreset construction, and dimensionality reduction. I use techniques from matrix algebra, sampling, random projection, and randomized hashing.

I earned my Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science from Chennai Mathematical Institute (Aug 2009 - Nov 2014).

Previously, I have been working with industry research labs in the areas of algorithms in Data Science and Machine Learning at Wipro-AI Research, Bangalore; Zenlabs, Zensar Technology, Pune; and TCS Innovation Labs, New Delhi. I have also spent a few months at IIIT Bangalore as a Research Associate.

My Erdös Number is 3.