I hope you will also take a look at my youtube channel: Youtube Channel PrashiBricks.
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In the Month of Octobre you can choose 1 new serie out of 4 test-series I made, in de comments are on this website you than may write you favorite serie.

Moc's and More: here I presentate my LEGO Moc's.

funny stopmotion movies: just some stopmotion movies to make you happy.

Cooking Yoda: a cookserie; but this time Yoda is cooking (really funny)!

Top 10's: top 10's about anything LEGO.

Note: if any picture are video is to big, just zoom out till about 30%, make sure you read the letters first because after zooming out, the letters become unreadable.
Zoom in again till about 100%, to make the letters readable.
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