Windows Tips

Software for Enhancing windows

  • Miktex - Latex (awsome typesetting system) for windows.
  • Power pro - A compact and powerful launch bar, menu, and tray icon facility
  • Console - Console is a Win console window enhancement with Configurable font, color, size, background image and transparency.
  • Eclipse - Greatest java source code editor (Its free too!).
  • Firefox - Great replacement for IE. Far better than IE too.
  • Thunderbird - Good replacement for MS outlook, doesn't have a built in calender. Power pro offer a neat little reminder facility, good for forgetful people like me.
  • Picasa - A really good image organising software.
  • Cygwin - A neat replacment for all the Linux commands that you miss.
  • ReplaceEm - A good search and replace tool for windows. Perform search and replace on multiple files.
  • Deviant Art - Windows gadgets and utilities

Setting up a scheduled task to back up a folder overnight

  • The following .bat script creates a zipped tar ball archive of a particular directory(dir_name) for each day of the month. If an old backup for the current day exists, it is removed. 
    rm Z:\backup\backup-%DATE:~4,2%.tar.gz 
    tar czf Z:\backup\backup-%DATE:~4,2%.tar.gz dir_name 
    tar is a nice command line compression tool that is available after installing cygwin.
  • Once the .bat file is created, add a new scheduled task (Control panel-> Scheduled tasks->Add) 
    Select the .bat file as the application to run. 
    After selecting the corret time to run the application and entering in the username and password, click on open advanced properties. The start-in directory of the advanced properties dialog has to be set to location where dir_name can be found.