Howto: Redhat Admin

Changing mouse speed in X 

  • RedHat->Preferences->Mouse->Motion tab 
  • or 
    • Very Fast - xset m 7 10 & 
    • Normal(Fast) - xset m 3 10 & 
    • System Default - xset m default & 
    • Glacial - xset m 0 10 &
Switching betwen graphics and text modes 

  • Text mode - Alt+Ctrl+F5 
  • X mode - Alt+Ctrl+F7

Redhat 9 configure screen resolution

1. Delete /etc/X11/XF86Config 

2. Log in run level 3

If you are using GRUB as your bootloader, once you are presented with the GRUB boot screen, type e for edit. You are presented with a list of items in the configuration file for the boot label you have selected. Choose the line that starts with kernel and type e to edit this boot entry. At the end of the kernel line, add: a space and the number 3 Press [Enter] to exit edit mode. Once the GRUB screen has returned, type b to boot into runlevel 3, the non-GUI mode. 
If you are using LILO, press [Ctrl]-[x] to exit the graphical LILO screen and gain access to the LILO boot: prompt. Next, enter linux 3 at the LILO boot: prompt.

3. Finally run redhat-config-packages