Pramod Kumar Sharma









PhD, Computer Science
University of Southern California (USC)                                          ( 2008-Present)
Advisor: Prof. Ram Nevatia

Bachelor of Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India 
                                                                                   (January 2003 - December 2006)

Research Interests
Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition
Image Processing

Pramod Kumar Sharma, Kapil Dev Dhingra, Sudip Sanyal, "A Rule based Approach for Removal of Insignificant Data and Skew Correction from Scanned Text Documents of Devanagari Script",IEEE international Conference on Signal Image Technology and internet Based Systems, pp. 899-903, Shanghai, China,18-20 December 2007.

Kapil Dev Dhingra, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Sudip Sanyal, "A Robust OCR for degraded documents", Book chapter in book titled "Advances in Communication Systems and Electrical Engineering", pp. 497-509, published by Springer.

Work Experience
Software Developer, Kuliza Technologies, Bangalore, India,
                                                                                                     (July 2007-July 2008)

Technical Consultant, Sapient Corporation, Gurgaon,India,
                                                                                              (January 2007-July 2007)

TA Experience
Fundamentals of Computer Programming, Fall 2008     


Technical Skills
Programming Languages:        Java, C, C++
Web Technologies:                  J2EE, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax
Frameworks:                              Eclipse IDE, Netbeans IDE, Visual Studio 2005
Open Source Frameworks:     Drupal, Joomla, OsCommerce, PHPPaypal
Web Technologies:                  J2EE, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP
Databases:                                 MySQL, Oracle 9i
Operating Systems:              Windows XP, Linux SuSe


First prize in software exhibition contest held at Technical Festival, IIIT.

Merit Rank and Scholarship holder for the year 2005-2006.

Member of Universal Digital Library Research Group at IIITA.