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Rohida - Raireshwar
 ( The Beginning of Swaraj )

Raireshwar is a place in Bhor Taluka which has a temple famous for its historical importance. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took the oath of Swaraj in this temple at the age of 16 and then created history. Thus , Raireshwar can be considered as an important place in Maratha history.

The temple is very old and of stone structure. But it was later re-constructed in 18thcentury. It is situated in between various hills and forts. Especially , Kenjalgad or Mohangad looks beautiful from the temple place. The temple is on platue, which is full of smythial flowers in monsoon. It really looks beautiful. The hilly region and numerous other flowers on the platue add spice to the beauty.

Waghjai temple, Aswalkhind and Kenjalgadh are the other place that can be enjoyed Raireshwar. Ambawade and Korle village near Raireshwar are also very nice to visit. The Hanging Bridge , Nageshwar temple and the monument of 'Shri Shankaraji Narayan Sachiv' must be seen in these surrounding villages. Thus , Raireshwar temple , various natural beauties near the temple and nearby villages are really worth to see.