Instructional Needs Analysis

The following set of questions should be answered by the project sponsor before the start of an e-learning project to ensure project success:
  1. Why do you require this learning intervention for the target learners?
  2. What is the performance gap (current or future) of the target learners?
  3. What is the expected performance and what is the current performance on the job of the target learners?
  4. Who are the target learners who require the learning intervention?
  5. What are the target learners’ age range, gender, region, language, education, hierarchy level, total experience, experience in the company, computer usage experience, and e-learning experience?
  6. What do the target learners most worry about in their work, most enjoy about their work, most like about company-sponsored training, and most dislike about company-sponsored training?
  7. Where do the target learners learn (at work/ at home …)?
  8. When do the target learners learn (during office hours/ break times/ after office hours …)?
  9. What are the incentives for learning and what are the constraints for learning?
  10. What are the supervisory systems available to enable the target learners implement their learnings on the job?
  11. What should the target learners be able to do on the job after completing the learning program (including knowledge demonstration and skill application)?
  12. What topics need to be covered in the learning program (including knowledge and skill)? Please list all.
  13. How would the learning program be delivered to the target learners?
  14. What systems are available to deliver the learning and what support systems are available to enable the delivery?
  15. How should the learning program’s effectiveness be measured (satisfaction/ learning/ impact …)?
  16. What systems are available to measure the effectiveness and what support systems are available to enable effectiveness?
  17. Any other instructional requirements …

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