Since the start of this millennium, I've been fortunate to be working in the e-learning industry and have gained some knowledge (albeit, little) of instructional design and learning management practices in this sunrise field. This knowledge has been slow and hard to come by, ... from senior colleagues (see Acknowledgments below) to dear ol' google, ... in bits and pieces!


As new batches of e-learning aspirants enter the field, I find that they face the same challenge of not knowing where to look for to get some "implementable" knowledge on e-learning practices. So, I have compiled all my blog posts, technical articles, and white papers on Instructional Design and Learning Management across multiple sources on the Internet into this site.


I hope you find these pages useful to you at work as much as I enjoy sharing them. Please do spread the light of knowledge around you to build a wiser world ... :)


I dedicate this site and its contents to my valued colleagues and teachers, who generously and patiently shared their knowledge with this novice and inspired me to learn more and share:

  • Mythili Ravi (English grammar, punctuation, and style)
  • Atul Sabnis (instructional design and project management)
  • Sumanta Ghosh (project management)
  • Anne Roy (instructional design)
  • Vidya Gunavanthe (content writing)
  • Seethalakshmi Natarajan (storyboarding)
  • Nerissa D'Souza (storyboarding)
  • Bhargav Pancholi (graphics development)
  • Gunjan Gupta (content integration and programming)
  • Nilesh Vani (learning strategy, project management, and process management)
  • Yatin Bhatia (project management)
  • Prasanna Vasudevan (learning strategy)
  • Ajay Philip Kumar (content integration and project management)

Without them, I would not be the L&D professional that I am today. I hope to continue learning from many more, build this site, and increase this list.


— Prakash Bebington


The contents of this site are for educational purposes only. If you do come across any errors in this site, please make a comment under the appropriate post in the blog, and I'll correct ASAP.

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