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Toddler groups

Toddler groups are a key part of a church's outreach into its community.  Many churches wish to serve the young families in their area through running a church-based toddler group or toddler worship services.  These vary greatly as to how they run - some are very structured with lots of activities, whilst others are more free-flowing with a drop-in feel.  Alison Clark is committed to helping church-based toddler groups serve their young families more effectively.

Church-based Toddler Groups

For nearly 10 years Alison has been a regular at the toddler group at St John's church, Bedford.  There she tells a simple Bible story during the all-together time and during the play-time runs a craft table with a related craft.  Many of the children return to the table during the session to repeat the activity so Alison prepares lots of materials!  She has also been part of the team in other church-based toddler groups, helping them establish a pattern of Bible story-telling, until they were able to continue independently.
On other occasions Alison has been invited to visit toddler groups to observe and advise as to how to build on the church's work.  This advice has been as simple as recommending resources or assistance in reorganising the sessions to make the Christian message clearer.
Alison (under her maiden name Alison Dayer), was part of the team that wrote and compiled Building Blocks - a resource to help church-based toddler groups review their aims and become more confident in sharing
Christ with young families.  From this group, a new network was formed.  1277:make them count is a network of organisations and denominations committed to equipping and resourcing church-based toddler groups in serving their communities.  Since 2010 Alison has chaired this group and spoken at a variety of conferences on their behalf, including Hand in Hand Children's Ministry conference in February 2013, with two other members.

Toddler Worship Services
Toddler worship service

Toddler worship services (also called pram or buggy services) are a great way to share the Christian faith with young families and give them an opportunity to respond to Jesus.  For man
y families this becomes their church.  This is a time and place where they can come to worship God with young children in a way that helps these toddlers to respond in their own way.  Alison has run many of these toddler worship services and loves to see young children enjoying worshipping God.  Some of her service ideas are available for download on the Tiddlywinks pages on the Scripture Union website.
Alison is an experienced trainer, working with small and large groups to develop church-based toddler groups and toddler worship services.  Alison is available to help you in this area of ministry.  For more information, please contact Alison.