Spiritual Healing

“To bring people into harmony with themselves, each other, and the Earth.”

This is what is meant by us as healing.  Prairyerth Healers do this through teachings and practices of Earth-centered traditions, which nurture and promote health and harmony of mind, body, and spirit.   The Oneness of all Life means that by bringing the individual into health, we help to heal a society out of balance and an ailing world.  Defined in this way, spiritual healing is seen to be a natural extension of  our work in restoring the health of the planet through our Earth Stewardship environmental programs. 

Prairyerth views spiritual healing as an essential human right and to some, a freedom of religion issue.  It is a natural function of the human being to be healthy and spiritual healing provides an effective means to re-connect people with their own inherent inner wisdom and vital healing energy.  

Spiritual healing is recognized in most states. Prairyerth offers a supportive community and an officially recognized spiritual home for those dedicated healers or energy workers who draw strength from their Earth-based spiritual perspective.

The Following Healers were recognized at the Prairyerth annual meeting, April 20, 2018: Patti Two Ravens Gile, NY; Linda Hedquist, IA; Melinda Perrin, NY; Mary Ann Starus, MN; Sheila Roddy, KS; Yoli Maya Yeh, Evanston, IL.

 The sacred geometry of a fern


 Yoli's classes with kids from around the world.

Yoli and R. teach a parent/baby yoga class in Chicago
Linda Hedquist spiritual healer
(Recognized by Prairyerth originally in 2001) 
Linda has been involved in spiritual healing for 33 years and her practice is called the Healer Within.  Her teachers are many and her knowledge and experience are broad and deep.  She freely imparts her wisdom and travels widely to teach Breema, MELT, yoga, and more.  Her clients are from all over the world and enjoy both hands on and long distance healing sessions with Linda.  She lives in Faifield, Iowa and is also a Transcendental Meditation practitioner and teacher.  This is how Linda describes her philosophy of healing: "Basically I assist people in learning how to relax into their own Being...starting with either the physical level, the psychological level, or the energetic level.  No matter what they come to me for, I know that although I can support healing, healing itself comes from the level of Being/Great Mystery.  If I am lucky I inspire people to recognize and value that connection for themselves." 

Yoli Maya Yeh 
spiritual healer
(Certified by Prairyerth in 2012) 
Yoli bridges the disciplines of East and West with a foundation of Earth-based wisdom traditions in both worlds.  She is a yoga therapy practitioner and a spiritual counselor who also practices Thai Massage.  Her training began in her early teens on the Cattaraugus Reservation in upstate NY with Grandmother Twylah Nitsch with whom she lived and with Melinda Blue Cloud in Chicago.  She spent 12 years intensive mentoring and training in Buddhist Yogic tradition in India (Sikkim) with Kulavedhuta Satpurananda, Thai Massage in Thailand with Lek Chiya, and has studied Vivekananda Yoga Kudra, and a few other techniques along the way.  She is certified in She has taught Hatha Yoga for 13 years.  Currently Yoli is living in Evanston, Illinois, working two days a week in private practice with special needs kids, massage, adult yoga therapy and counseling.  Three days a week she leads classes of Yoga for children with special needs and has introduced baby/parent yoga classes assisted by her very own 6 year old assistant.  Her purpose as a healer is to help others.