Seven Direction Movement Meditation

A Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge Practice by Melinda Perrin 
O;Jiga J’Indae (Blue Cloud) 

The Seven Direction Movement Meditation was taught to me by several Seneca Wolf Clan teachers, including Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, who insisted we were doing it wrong and decided to set us straight.  It is a wonderful exercise to awaken the body, mind, and spirit and bring emotional balance.  You are connecting the energy of the Seven Directions. For those who have trouble with more passive forms of meditation, this clears the cobwebs and brings the alpha state so difficult to attain.

It also is a gentle but very effective workout and stretch.  I enjoy watching some approach it as “Yeah, right. This is a workout?” By the fourth or fifth round, there is a shift of attitude.  Their bodies are screaming, “Is this never going to end? I’m dying here!” They’re sweating and their breath is coming hard. I was one of them not long ago. The trick is to let the mind and body go and participate on the realm of pure spirit.

Two rounds of the meditation show you both sides. 
Four rounds are complete medicine. 
Seven are sacred. 
Nine are for gestation.
Thirteen are for thirteen moons. 
The number of rounds is up to you. Take it easy. The idea is to come into harmony.

I’ve always been taught to practice in silence, or with the gentle voice of an instructor. About 20 years ago I added another element: music.  First I started singing the Cherokee Women’s Morning Song. (I was once told that this exercise comes from the Cherokee.)  Then I experimented with a heartbeat drum.   Next I let others do the chanting through recordings such as "Orenda" by Joanne Shenandoah, or "Spirit" by Peter Buffett.  Each time the exercise took on a new dimension.  Some music is transcendent.  Some is joyful.  Some is energizing.  Chants in another language keep the mind from interfering. 

Many have asked me to write these directions down.  White Feather, another Wolf Clan teacher once had a booklet with drawings, but I don’t know if it is still available.  I think these will be clear to all who have experienced it.  My friend Anne has graciously agreed to model the poses and we'll post them soon. 

I wish you Blessings and Balance.---Melinda Perrin O;Jiga J’Indae (Blue Cloud) Seneca Wolf Clan teacher










Start facing East

Right hand over left with thumbs up covering your solar plexis

Humble Attitude of Gratitude

Clearing breath


Resting Position

Feet comfortably apart about the width of the shoulders or hips, knees slightly bent, back straight, tush tucked in, arms to your sides, hands parallel to the Earth, eyes downward, defocus.

Empty your mind

Clearing breath


Salute to the East (S,W,N)

Bring your hands together slightly cupped in front of you, right over left, and bring them up the front of the body.


Breathe in


Salute to the East (S,W,N)

When they reach you heart, expand your chest, separate your hands continuing the upward motion, raise your head and eyes to follow your arms raising skyward and opening.




Salute to the East (S,W,N)

Reverse the motion of A & B to Resting position


One complete breath


Honoring the Left

Twist to your left

Honoring the side of thoughts and senses



Honoring the Left

Shift your weight to your left foot, bringing your right foot and hand up and to the left in a sweeping circular motion.




Honoring the Left

Squat, and gather up the energies from the Earth with your hands

Gratitude for the Blessings of Earth

Inhale the blessings


Honoring the Left

Raise your hands heavenward to give those blessings you received to the Sky in a motion similar to 3B

Allow your body to be a conduit uniting Heaven and Earth

Exhale those blessings



Return to resting position



5 A-E

Honoring the Right

Repeat the action 4A-4E adjusting for the right side

Honoring the side of action

As in 4A-4E


The Give-Away

Give Your Heart to the Spirit of the E(S,W,N)

Bring your hands up the front of your body, as they reach your heart, step forward with your left foot, and give away with you hands as your arms reach in front of you and open wide.

Share all you have gained by being a conduit between Heaven and Earth with the Spirits of the direction you face (E)

Inhale as you bring your hands up,

Exhale as you give-away


Receiving the Gift

Gather in the blessing of the direction you face (E) with your arms as they come together, right hand over left, thumbs up, over your heart.  At the same time, shift your weight to your back foot (your right)

Gather in the Blessings

Breathe in


Unite the Energy of the opposite direction

Pivot to face the opposite direction (W), and open your arms in a give-away gesture.

Give-Away the Blessings, uniting the opposites



Link the Energy with the next direction on the Wheel

Bring your arms back into your body over your heart and down to rest position as you half-pivot to face the next direction (S)

Bring the remaining gifts back into your own body



Rest & Repeat the above



Enjoy the shift in your own being

Complete breath



Bring your hands over your solar plexis as in the opening, but sealing in all the good things you have gathered for your own wellness.

Say, “thank you.”


Complete breath