Prairie Circle

Let’s get together! 

Peg Saintcross is the President of our Chicago/Midwest group, called the Prairie Circle. She is also heading the Prairyerth Living Treasures of North America Heritage Awards 2019 along with Dan Creely and Cynthia Nielson-Morgan along with Jeany Sontag, Roy Fleet, Charlie Fisher, and many others in this and other regions.  Yoli Maya Yeh is the regional spiritual leader.  

To join this circle of interesting, vibrant people, please e-mail Peg at  

Many of their events are held with Joseph and Janet Standing Bear at Midwest SOARRING. Others are held at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, UCH Hinsdale, and  Please revisit this page regularly for their regional activities and news. 



Unitarian Church of Hinsdale

Northeastern Illinois University