Pilgrimage to Cohoes Falls 2012


Cohoes Falls site granted to Hiawatha Institute  Please Click on the link to learn about a land grant from Cohoes Power and Light.  We'd like to think the spotlight we placed on the Falls this summer and all our prayers helped to spur this action.  Very exciting!


Fri, August 10-Mon, August 13, 2012 

                  An adventure of discovery!

                   Time together to have fun and connect to Spirit.
                Won't you join us on the next Pilgrimage?

Sacred Fire  *  Drumming  *  Chanting  *  Ceremony  *  Stories   
 Green Corn Moon Harvest Festival   *   Teaching Lodge -inside and out   
Shooting Star Gazing  *  Prairyerth Grand Council  *  Vegetarian meals

Highlights from the Teaching Lodge
  • Yoli Maya Yeh led a talk on "Seneca Prophesies for 2012" based on Gramma Twylah's book, Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours 
  • Linda Hedquist taught a self healing technique to ground us on our Earth Walk on Monday before we parted.
  • Mim Neal read from Tree Lines and passed along wisdom from the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
  • Jean Berube passed along the teaching of the Sacred Arrow and we each made one.  Seven were placed on the shore of Oneida Island in the Mohawk River.
  • Many stories from the life of the Peacemaker
  • Melinda Perrin reviewed the Peacemaker's Message, the 2007 Pilgrimage Message, and 5 Magics
  • Peg Saintcross taught the Crow lessons of "Earth Law" and created prayer ribbons for us from our wishes and memorial blessings.
  • We practiced the Seven Directional Movement Meditation in the early mornings)
  • Many lessons on Shamanic Death and New Beginnings
  • More?  Oh, yes, more!

Offerings of Spirit Arrows and prayer ties at Cohoes Falls 

The indoor teaching lodge

What are you willing to sacrifice to bring about peace among the enemies of your people?  This question became very real to the sixteen people who went on pilgrimage to Cohoes Falls, the site of one of the Peacemaker's miracles.  This is where the Mohawks tested this holy man by tying him upside down, hanging him from a tree, then chopping the tree down sending him over the falls.  His bravery, his survival, his faith in the power of peace convinced the Mohawks he was indeed the Peacemaker and they became the first nation to join the Iroquois Confederacy.  

Today much of the water from the Mohawk River is diverted above the falls for power generation, so unless the river is in flood, the impact of this magnificent natural feature is severely diminished.  However, it is still a sacred site and every one of us felt the power of place as we walked along the shale riverbed of the Mohawk River below the Falls and offered a bowl of 405 prayer ties to water and sky and individually sent our 7 prayer ties into the current. 

(To get a sense of scale on the picture above, note the size of the people.)
The Cohoes Falls is the widest span east of the Niagara and the drop is currently 60 feet.  The Peacemaker's miracle was about 1,000 years ago when the falls was closer to the Hudson River.

*  Making of Relations Ceremony  *
A Rainbow Baby gets a new name and becomes part of a much bigger family.

Friendships old and new, but precious...