Messages from Pilgrimage

For many, the act of pilgrimage opens up new thoughts, new awareness, new insights, new vision.  After all, it is not the destination but the journey and full understanding often comes later after one has had time to process.  Here are some revelations worth sharing from Prairyerth Peacemaker Pilgrims:
From Peg Saintcross:  In the Aftermath

I can’t believe it has been a week.

A week since I stood at the base of the rocks where water rushed and tumbled in the hurry of its journey…water rich with witnessing

I released my prayer ties and watched them float then catch in the stream washing my dreams, my wishes, my vision for my future and the futures of all I hold dear.

A moment, the colorful packets rode high on the liquid road then plummeted from my sight, pulled to its depths to distill the essence of thanksgiving tobacco, and whirl its message to the beings of Mother Earth in her waters.

A week where messages floated through my conscious and unconscious mind:

…a time of gathering and renewing

…the telling of the new, the retelling of old lessons, my ears hearing the words, my heart swelling with the meaning

…a time aloft, leaving everyday outside my sight – breathing sacred air, sensing the electricity around me - bringing into me the abundance...absorbing…releasing the joy to others whose arms outstretch, ready to gather in the air heavy with my love and passion

…to be passed on and on from the beginnings of our world to the ends of time as we understand it

…the smokes wafts prayers and intentions – the ashes hold earthbound the residue as a reminder of this moment

…the flames hold visions of other council fires before ours, and they flicker in anticipation of the fires to come, dancing in joy at the succession of its sojourn.