Prairyerth Living Treasures of North America Heritage Awards: Everyday Living Treasures 
Followed by an evening Folk Concert- April 2003 at the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale, Illinois 
After suffering many losses in a short period of time, Prairyerth reached in and again honored two of their own in a ceremony celebrating the lives of two everyday Living Treasures: Dan Perrin for his dedication to the revival of folk music, and Melinda Perrin for her dedication to Native Elders and to keeping their teachings alive.  

Chaired by Praiyerth president, Jacqui Irving; Stan and Lisa Oda; and Roy Fleet they brought everyone together to heal, to laugh, to celebrate and to cry.  Joseph Standing Bear from SOARRING and Joseph Many Horses and others led powerful workshops. 

Charlie Fischer chaired a wonderful Folk Concert in the evening with some of the regions most prominent folksingers donating their talents.  Dan Perrin who had lost his ability to speak in a tragic accident seven months before, struggled to get to the stage and sing a song with Tom Dvorak.
Melinda and Dan Perrin share a kiss wrapped in a beautiful ceremonial blanket presented to them  at the 2003 Living Treasures.