Prairyerth Living Treasures of North America Heritage Awards April 20, 2002 

Hosted by MC Jeffrey Hedquist at the Chicago Historical Society

Rich Warren hosted the special Living Treasures celebratory evening concert with Pete Seeger, Weavermania, Ella Jenkins and others which was broadcast live from the Chicago Historical Society on WFMT-FM and streamed live all over the world over the internet.

Pete Seeger

 Environmentalist, Folksinger, Activist, Educator

with gratitude

In recognition of his contribution in saving one of North America’s great rivers, the Hudson River.  We thank him for combining his gift of music and faith in people to inspire others to rediscover their connections to the natural world and all its diversity.

Pete Seeger truly is a Living Treasure.

Speakers included: Studs Terkel, Dick Young, Ella Jenkins, John Rogner, Ken Lewis, and others

Co-Chairs: Roy Fleet, Mim Neal, Melinda Perrin 

The LT Committee: Karin Janowski, Charlie Fischer, Jacque Irving, Jennifer Howard, Ann Kaufman, Penny Will, Dan Perrin, Carole Suhajda, Ingrid West, Karen Stasky, Penel LeGrand, Jeanie Sontag, Stan Oda, and Dan Creely, Mary Mansell and many others

The Fox: Jim Phillips

Environmentalist, Teacher, Activist, Prankster

with gratitude

In recognition of his contribution in saving one of North America’s great rivers, the Fox River.  We honor his courage, his wit, and his faith that one individual can make a difference.   We thank him for standing up for what is right, inspiring others to rediscover their connections to the natural world and all its diversity. 

The Fox can never die.

It is now known that The Fox was high school science teacher, Jim Phillips.  Jim didn't want his identity revealed preferring to be identified by the little image he drew as his calling card.  His reasoning was that after he was gone, he hope that others would take up the mantle and continue his work.  Environmental activism was his legacy.  Several Fox statues stand guard over the river he loved.