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 Drum Circles 
(See Mohawk River Circle for Full Moon Drum dates)

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and more...

                 Jim Gillihan telling stories from his Cherokee Grandmother

Like the American prairie we are very elastic. Prairyerth does not have a permanent home in a set location. Currently our members live in eight different states, so it is not unusual for three or more Prairyerth events to be happening at the same time in different locations.  There are three active circles and several outliers.  The three active circles are the Prairie Circle in the Chicago area, the Mohawk River Circle in upstate New York, and the Heartland Circle in Kansas. Since we are Earth-centered, we do not meet on Sunday mornings, but according to the lunar calendar and the equinoxes, solstices, and for planting and harvest festivals. Some of our celebrations can be done from home.  Others are observed on the land in group celebration.  We often rent space for various activities or celebrate with other UU congregations.

                                       Yoli leading a drum circle in India

Melinda lights the candles for the Turning of the Wheel ceremony
on the Winter Solstice at the First Unitarian Society of Schenectady.