Prairyerth is governed by the heads of the four councils and selected officers.  The members meet at least once annually at a Grand Council to elect representatives and conduct business.  Councils determine their own activities and meetings.  Each member must belong to at least one council.

Council of the Earth      Leader: Peg Saintcross

The environmental and social action council develops programs on Earth Centered Traditions & Earth Stewardship to serve the greater good and to work with existing organizations outside Prairyerth in healing the Earth and improving the lives of its People. The education council both for Prairyerth and the larger community is charged with interacting with other Earth-centered traditions, cross pollinating ideas, and developing educational programs and a teacher/speaker’s bureau to serve as a resource for ourselves, other Unitarian Universalists, and the world at large.                                                      

Council of Healers          

Leaders: Yoli Maya Yeh & Linda Hedquist

The Healers Council cares for the health of the membership and others who seek their help, through a counseling and caring ministry.  The council also reviews and recommends spiritual healers to the Board of Trustees for annual recognition.  Spiritual healing ministry within Prairyerth is defined as bringing people in harmony with themselves, each other and the Earth.  Prairyerth lay spiritual healers must be voting members of the Fellowship, but do not have to be voting members of this council.

Wisdom Council                     Leader: Mim Neal

The worship council recommends spiritual leaders to the Board of Trustees for approval, oversees their actions, reviews and recertifies them annually.  The council is responsible for Prairyerth ceremonies, festivals; rituals; mens, womens, and drum circles; and all rites of passage, including marriage. Prairyerth spiritual leaders must be voting members of the Fellowship, but do not have to voting members of this council.


Seventh Generation Council

Leaders: Jeany Sontag & Roy Fleet

This planning council considers future needs, growth, responsibilities, and opportunities facing the Prairyerth Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, including the special needs of children within the society, and the fiscal growth and health of the community. Charged with building and maintaining the Prairyerth community and membership roster, this Council runs annual meeting retreats and gatherings with the participation of other councils.  Working with the treasurer, the council’s financial committee prepares budgets for Board of Trustees and membership approval.  This council recommends future plans and directions, is responsible for fund-raising, and for communicating the dreams, goals and activities of Prairyerth to the larger world community.