Two Row Schenectady
In 2013, Prairyerth UU Fellowship joined with the Onondaga Nation to organize a portion of the historic Two Row paddle from Central New York to NYC to speak at the United Nations.  They were joined by the Mabee Farm historic site, ECOS: The Environmental Clearinghouse of NY, Green Sanctuary, and local paddlers.


 We turn our thoughts to the waters…

          Let us paddle the Mohawk River together in two lines,

                                                                     Living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.


July 13 & 14, 2013

Celebrating the Mohawk River and renewing the Two Row Treaty pledge between the Dutch & the Haudenosaunee peoples

As a prelude to the Two Row Campaign on the Hudson River, we welcomed paddlers from the Six Nations as they entered Schenectady County at the historic Mabee Farm on the Mohawk River on their way to the Hudson.  On July 27th they began their trek to New York City and the United Nations where they spoke about the Two Row Treaty and its message of peaceful equality among nations. The Two Row Wampum Belt depicts two rows of people traveling down the rivers of life, both paddle their own canoes, but respect the right of the other to be there. There is also a strong environmental message as well to keep the waters pure, the air clean and the Earth whole, healthy, and hospitable for all living beings.

Saturday, 1 - 7 pm - Two Row Festival at the Mabee Farm

There was a day of live music and storytelling in the Dutch barn, a teaching lodge, sacred fire, drumming, historic tours, and a ceremony to welcome the Haudenosaunee as they arrive by water to our county.  Music was provided by Everest Rising, Three Quarters North, George Ward, John Roberts, and Roots of Change.  Speakers included Congressman Paul Tonko and Waters Chief, Hickory Edwards. There was food, fun, information and vendor booths.  In addition, cyclists from the Canal Tour stopping at the site got to rest and enjoy the festivities.  Everyone loved being at the Mabee Farm, the oldest Dutch farm in the Mohawk Valley located on Rte. 5S in Rotterdam Junction, NY.  There was no admission charge!!

Sunday, 10 am-5:30 pm - Paddle the Mohawk River/Erie Canal

Schenectadians joined our Six Nations friends and paddled side by side on the river in the morning, the afternoon, or all day.  They launched from the Mabee farm at 10 am, went through Lock 8 and past SCCC, Western Gateway Bridge, Collins Park and the historic Stockade district and had a lunch stop at the River’s Edge Lighthouse at Freeman’s Bridge and a potluck dinner at Lock 7 where we bid them farewell.

All were welcome.  Paddlers did so at their own risk.

Prairyerth is an official sponsor of Two Row Schenectady, part of the 2013 "Honor the Two Row Treaty" campaign commemorating the treaty between the Dutch and the Haudanasaunee people.  We worked on this event with Native People in the local area, the region, and across the continent to renew our pledge to "live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth".  The primary Two Row Renewal Campaign took place July 27- August 10th and was a representational enactment of the first treaty between the Haudenosaunee and the Dutch commemorated with the presentation of this Two Row Wampum belt.  Members of the Six Nations and immigrant peoples paddled the Hudson from Albany to New York City. The campaign culminated in an address at the United Nations. The purpose was to get the nations of all the Americas to honor their treaties with indigenous peoples and to remind everyone that we live together on Mother Earth and together we must safeguard the purity of the waters, the air, the soil and must care for the plants and animals and all habitats.

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