All Are Welcome

Prairyerth gatherings, services, projects, educational materials, conferences and educational programs are available and open to the public.  We welcome all of good heart, without bias towards age, creed, race, sexual preference, other religious affiliations, or geographic location.  

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(See Councils or By-laws for more information)

In 2018 the UUA asked us to identify ethnic and racial diversity within our congregation.  We really have never thought in those terms before but after reviewing our membership we can say that Prairyerth is as diverse and the native plants on the prairie.  Our people are Black, White, Native, Asian and over 1/3 of both our fellowship and our leadership are "minorities".  Leadership positions are held by women and men in fairly equal numbers.  We never ask but yes, the LGBTQ community is represented as well.

Our members are a diverse group of people from many different states.  To be a member, one must sign a membership application annually, join a council, and make a contribution of record. The Councilare The Seventh Generation, Council of the Earth, Council of Healers, and Wisdom Council. 

Each member is empowered to initiate and lead.   We are not a top-down organization. Our fellowship is organized on the council form of government, with each of the councils responsible for a different aspect of our being and for selecting two representatives to the Board of Trustees.  

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