Opus Honor Choir

August 2017

    The Iowa Choral Directors Association will sponsor the Opus Honor Choir on Thursday, November 16 at Opus ‘17.  Four choirs of 180 voices from across Iowa are featured at Opus.  The four honor choirs are: a 5th/6th Grade Select Honor Choir, a 7th/8th Grade Bass Clef Honor Choir, a 7th/8th Grade Treble Clef Honor Choir, and a 9th grade Mixed Honor Choir.

    Ms. Truax and Ms. Fladland may submit singers for consideration for the Opus Honor Choirs.  The auditions are submitted in mp3 format.  Each student learns the preselected audition music.  We then record the student singing the audition music.  All mp3s are sent to judges who select students for the Honor Choir.

    If selected, you travel with Ms. Truax and Ms. Fladland to Ames, IA on November 16 and spend the day rehearsing with the Honor Choir.  The day concludes with a wonderful performance in CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames.

    Students who would like to make audition mp3s for Opus should attend as many of the Opus rehearsals as possible.  The audition music is VERY challenging, and we don’t have very much time to learn it!  The rehearsal schedule is on the back of this sheet.  Ms Truax/Ms Fladland will give you copies of the audition music and  practice recordings when you attend rehearsal.

    There are rehearsal times offered for each of the Honor Choirs.  Only attend rehearsals for YOUR choir; each Honor Choir has different audition music.

    Please contact us if you would like additional information on Opus.  It is a fabulous opportunity for you; I hope you give it a try!

Lauren Fladland -- Prairie Point Women's Choir and Creek 6th Grade Choir       
Kelly Truax -- Prairie Point 7-8 Men's Choirs and 9th Grade Choirs                     
848-5500 ext. 1075