Our Members

Robyn Bachar. Webmistress. "I am always writing, it's my passion. I love including the fantastic in everyday settings. Magic librarians, witch waitresses, and shapeshifting teachers. Yup, I've got that!" You can learn more about Robyn's writing at her website.

Diana Baxter. President. "I've been fascinated by mythology since grade school, when I found my first name in the dictionary. Devouring fairy tales followed, eventually leading to writing my own. My current projects involve playing with traditional mythologies in modern-day settings and tearing apart fairy tales in a secondary world." You can learn more about Diana's writing at her website.

Ramona Burns. Ramona Burns is an Anglophile who languishes in Central Illinois whilst dreaming of London, Bath, and Oxford. Mild mannered maintenance foreman by day, spirited Regency heroine by night, she lives with her two utterly spoiled cats.

Lynn Crandall. "My day job as a freelance writer and editor offers me plenty of opportunities to learn and write about a variety of interesting topics. But my creativity really finds satisfaction in writing romances and following the stories of my characters to the happy ever after. My contemporary romance, Silver Wings, was published by Kensington, and I continue to work on developing my career." Books: Silver Wings - Precious Gems (Kensington) #147

HiDee Ekstrom. Vice-President/Treasurer, Newsletter Editor. "I currently write contemporary romance but would someday like to try historicals with a western flavor. My publishing credits include articles in RWA newsletters, and I've also had some poetry published in poetry anthologies."

Rena Koontz. A Pittsburgh native, Rena Koontz has been a journalist all her life. "Writing is in my blood and my career has allowed me to meet all sorts of characters, from bankers to bad guys--even a hit man. My goal is to write them into the pages of my books so you can meet them too." For more about Rena, check out her website.

Angie Long. "Historical romance is my favorite genre to write as well as read, and I've completed the first manuscript, while working on numbers 2 and 3, of a Medieval trilogy."

Callan Primer. Vice-President/Secretary. Cal writes science fiction without spaceships and romance without fated matings--fine genres both, but not what she reads herself. Otherwise, she lives a quiet life in the Midwest, providing tech support for friends, family, and the occasional paying customer. You can find her blog here.

Nancy Purdy. Nancy's lifelong love of Ireland has inspired her to write historicals set in the Emerald Isle.

R.T. Wolfe. Surviving as the youngest in a house full of siblings, R.T. grew up surrounded by avid readers covering a large variety of genres. Later in life, creative swirls of characters and plots unconsciously began taking form during sleepless nights and hours on the road driving to her sons' countless events. During one of those sleepless nights, Black Creek began to pluck its way onto her laptop. A rush of scenes, character developments, and plot structures flooded into addictive hours of researching, refining and editing. She soon realized that writing was more than just an outlet for sanity but a permanent part of her future. You can learn more about her writing at her website.

Rebecca Wright."Books have always been a big part of my life, fiction in particular. My job as a library specialist keeps me surrounded by the works of some of the best authors in the world. My passion is writing historical and paranormal fiction with a romantic twist."