Becoming a Sponsor

How much does it cost to build an electric car?

    When we build a car from scratch we are allowed to spend $3400. We reuse as many components as possible, so we can spend as little as $1500 per car. After seeing the improved difference between a car with all new parts and one that has been recycled for many, many years, we try to build with new parts whenever financially feasible.

    The school district provides the classroom, lab and advisers but no money to actually build the cars or travel to the events. Since this is a club, all the money used to run this program is raised by the students. We approach businesses and family members about sponsoring the electric car program. One of the most expense parts of our program is travel to events. Since there are only 2 events in Iowa each year, we need to travel to Nebraska, Michigan or Wisconsin. One weekend of travel to Nebraska costs us well over $1500. Our goal is to raise enough money to attend the Championship series in Kansas City, Kansas.
 How can you help Prairie Electric Car Team?

    Prairie High School provides us with advisors and a classroom but students must acquire sponsors on their own. All funding must come from outside sources. A sponsor can supply us with materials (free or at a discount), food for event days, a service or labor and the sometimes easiest way, a monetary donation.  If your employer has a matching funds program that is a great way to double your donation. Do you or a family member own your own business? Is there anyone you know would be excited to be involved with the building of an electric car? If so, please contact George Herman at 848-5340 ext. 2064 for more information about being a Prairie Electric Car sponsor.

    Many thanks to our 2010 sponsors; Rockwell Collins, Swisher Mens’ Club, Storm Steel, Sunline, INC., Fairfax State Savings Bank, Hall Bicycle Company, Swisher American Legion, Sankot’s Garage, INC., Leo Tonyan Sr., Recreational Motorsports, Rud Chain & Darrah’s Towing.

    Welcome to our sponsors for the 2011 season; Car Colors, General Mills, Hupp Electric Motors, Sheet Metal Workers’ Local #263, Scott & Carrie Barker, Michael Gould & Family, RJ Construction, Chris & Kathleen Rozek, Russ and Zelda DeHoedt. Thank you for your support!

    Join the sponsor team for 2012 like the following;  Iowa Network Service, Southslope Cooperative Telephone Company, Jim and Dawn Brown family and Al Swartz.

Our new sponsors for 2013 include PANDUIT, Hupp Electric, Swisher Men's Club and Al Swartz.