Car 167

This car was originally built in about 2 weeks.  The designer stayed after school several nights until 9PM to have it finished in time for an event.  We have reinforced and rebuilt 167 countless times. It has continued to run strong and each year the students can't bear to part with it.

2011-2012 Season updates:

December 1, 2011
This year we have taken on the project of elongating the frame. because of the original design it was very short. That made it uncomfortable for most of our drivers. This project required us to disassemble the whole car. We tore off the body panels and all of the wiring, then we had fun with the cutting torch. We are at the point now that we have welded the extensions on and we are working on squaring them up.

    As of January 15, 2012, car #167 has been scrapped.  The decision was made to concentrate on finishing the new car (which we want to number #167).